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With a focus on progress and empowerment, we built Devtalk to help developers and the industry be the very best they can be. We aim to do this not just by facilitating meaningful discussion but also by presenting the most active of these to help identify what's trending in tech, so that you remain informed and ahead of the curve at all times.

We set out to make Devtalk useful even for those who won't have time to log on or participate every day, too. Our homepage will provide an overview of what's happening in the dev world as a whole, while portals for languages, frameworks and other tech will allow you to get up to speed with their progress, quickly and easily and all from the perspective of fellow developers.

We've also enlisted the help of industry insiders. Our Industry Panel will include friends of Devtalk from experts in specific areas or fields to everyday developers. All will be able to assist us by providing direct feedback, helping ensure Devtalk remains current and useful in a wide variety of sectors within the dev arena.

If you like the sound of this, then why not sign up!? With leading tech publishers and respected brands already on side as launch partners, you'll not only be in great company, you could help shape the path of future generations of developers too. We hope you agree that's definitely something worth being a part of 🧡

Industry Panel

  • Andy Hunt

    The Pragmatic Bookshelf

    Andy Hunt has authored a dozen books including the best-selling “The Pragmatic Programmer,” was one of the 17 authors of the Agile Manifesto and founders of the Agile Alliance. He also co-founded the Pragmatic Bookshelf.

  • Dave Rankin

    The Pragmatic Bookshelf

    Dave Rankin is a tech industry veteran who has programmed software for Fortune 500s to the DoD. He’s written and edited for the New York Times and DigitalOcean and is the Pragmatic Bookshelf’s newly appointed CEO.

  • Mike & Nicole

    The Pragmatic Studio

    Mike and Nicole Clark have been making clear and concise video courses for busy developers for 15+ years. They take pride in their courses being up-to-date, to the point, and quickly getting their students from confusion to "Aha, now I get it!"

  • Sebastian Probst Eide


    Sebastian is the cofounder and CTO of Aircloak. He is a proponent of functional programming, remote work, and believes that people are mostly good and will do excellent work if you get out of their way and give them the chance to do so.

  • Francesco Cesarini

    Erlang Solutions

    Francesco started as an intern at Ericsson’s computer science lab and went on to found Erlang Solutions in 1999. He has authored books, is a lecturer at the University of Oxford, participated in the Future Learn Erlang MOOC and is a regular conference speaker.

  • You here?

    We're expanding!

    In coming months we'll be expanding our Industry Panel and holding annual reviews to help ensure all industry sectors are represented. Our criteria for panel members is simply that they're shining beacons in the industry and friends of Devtalk.

Our Moderators

  • AstonJ


    Once an isomorphism fanboy, AJ is now firmly on the polyglot path. Enjoys reading programming books, but keeps running out of storage spa...

  • NobbZ


    Norbert holds the record for number of solutions on another platform we moderate. We’re still undecided whether he’s a carbon lifeform or AI.

  • OvermindDL1

    One Man Wiki

    Gabriel’s breadth of knowledge continues to astound us, striving for expertise in at least 2 languages a year. Way to make the rest of us feel lazy, Gabe!

  • Qqwy

    The Quantum Wizard

    Wiebe-Marten is studying quantum computing (but only while you’re observing him). We’re so grateful he became entangled with our community.